Why join our Club?

The Algarve Social and Sports Club is the home of Social and Sporting Events in our centrally located and well conceived Club House near Vilamoura.
What are the benefits of being a Member?
We have a full-featured Community discussion area that offers interaction with all other members of this Club. These pages are private from unregistered visitors to our Club-Site and exclusively available to our Club Members. This include various specific groups that are part of our members group. Membership to our Club gives you access to all the Specific Club Areas. These are:

  • Algarve Social Club
  • Algarve F1 Fan Club

You have a choice of two membership types: Trial Membership and Full Membership.

Trial Membership

Full Membership

  Private Community Area
  Private Community Groups
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  Events RSVP **
  Special Offers & Invites Page
  Attend Events With a Trial Membership, you may attend 1 Event to Evaluate Membership.
  Video Archives
  Fee Free € 10.00 (Annual)

** (You may RSVP as a Trial Member and attend 1 Event but requires Full Membership and payment of Annual Fee to attend further Events)