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Car Boot Stand

Are your cupboards bursting at the seams? Have your children outgrown their baby clothes or, do you have unwanted household goods that you’d like to get rid of? Load up your car and come on down to sell your unwanted goods. Get your spot for € 10.00 for the day. (Donation)

Crafts or Artisan Stand

Are you a Home Crafter, Artisan or Artist? Whether you make Leather belts, jewelry, Sculptures or Paintings, we invite you to set up a stall to introduce yourself and your work to the local Community. Reserve your spot for € 15.00 for the day. (Donation)

Community Based Stand

We would love you to contact us and book a stall to Raise Awareness in the local Community. Join us and connect to the people you are trying to reach. Reserve your spot for € 00.00 for the day. (Free)

Before you proceed, please read this as you will be asked to Agree.
Please complete the information below as accurately as possible to help us understand what you will be using the space for. We are not able to accept the re-selling of retail goods and no shops will be allowed. If you do not comply or you supply false information, we cannot accept your application to use our space. This is not negotiable. As this is our private property, we expect that you will behave yourself in a respectful manner and conduct yourself accordingly.