What to watch out for in testing and the upcoming season.

Watch ex-Formula 1 driver-turned-TV-pundit Karun Chandhok talk his way through the grand prix grid at Autosport International, and give his verdict on what to watch out for in testing and the upcoming season.

Joined by F1 Racing magazine’s executive editor Stuart Codling for their ‘grid walk’, Chandhok begins by talking about the upheaval at Ferrari – with the arrival of Charles Leclerc and promotion of technical director Mattia Binotto to team principal.

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Monaco – Visiting by Motorhome, Caravan or Camping

We went to the Monaco GP in 2017 and instead of staying in Monaco this time, we used a wonderful Campsite in Ventimiglia, Italy. It’s just over the border and very reasonably priced. The owners run a shuttle service to the train station and back making this a very practical and economical option. We ended up at the train station in the city after a 20 minute train ride and a 5 minute walk brought us to the gates. The site is called Camping por la Mar. Great people and nice site. Was very convenient and we will definitely visit them again. Their site is here. http://www.campingporlamar.com/

What do F1 teams do on the grid before the race?

For the celebrities and VIPs, being on the F1 grid is all about the glitz and glamour. For the teams, however, it’s a high-tension situation where they need to ensure that both the car, and the person who’s about to take that car to the edge of its performance envelope, are firing on all cylinders. Join Toro Rosso on the grid at the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix to see what the Italian squad actually get up to in the moments before a race begins.

We open our doors to the public!

Welcome to our Club … We started the Club because we love our Formula One… so much so that we would love to met other F1 fans and enjoy experiencing the full race weekends with other enthusiasts / fanatics.
We have the perfect Club House near Vilamoura. On F1 Weekends, we live and breathe all thats Formula One Grand Prix. We would love for you to join us and share your experiences and joy with like-minded people.
Although English is our primary language, we also speak, Afrikaans and Portuguese … however the Formula 1 Weekends are all viewed in English.
If you are looking for a Club to share your passion in Motor-racing, then we encourage you to join us in person for every Race Weekend.
We have a Club-House all set up with 3 Tv’s, One showing the Live ( or on Delay) Race Weekends, the 2nd TV showing the Tyres and data statistics, with the final TV showing the Interactive Map of the circuit.
To entertain us in between the Practices etc, we have a Scalelectric track and Xbox F1 racing Game. Great for Guys or Girls …..
More to come in the coming days about Membership and Race Weekends Events.
Looking forward to hearing from F1 Fans in the Algarve…

This is the last Land Rover Defender

This is the last Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender has emerged from the company’s Solihull factory for 68 years, which means that in car years, it roughly predates the invention of the wheel. But like the wheel, the Defender has aged remarkably well (better than, say, singer Steven Tyler, also born in 1948). The proto-Landie has aged so well, in fact, that many people with passionate opinions on the subject and a willingness to share those opinions in public (car writers, that is) have wondered aloud, and often, why the Defender couldn’t slog on for another 68 years in its present form — maybe with a better radio. Well, it couldn’t, for a variety of legitimate reasons — safety standards, emissions standards, the usual. That’s the bad news. The good news (we hope) is that Land Rover has promised to deliver a new, kinder, gentler Defender. With a better radio. Eventually.


The final Defender, 29 January 2016

For now, however, let’s bask in the minty glory of the Defender number 2,016,933 — a 90 Heritage Soft Top — surrounded by some 700 current and former Solihull employees, proud parents all. To the certain dismay of a legion of well-heeled Continue reading “This is the last Land Rover Defender”