Where Style meets comfort… Welcome home

As you enter this property, you are welcomed by Alexa. You are met by the most stunning view of this classy and comfortable living area, the full open-plan kitchen to your left but … the Marina view will take your breath away.

This is the view from Sunrise to Sunset

If you love this view, imagine if this is what you can look at from your kitchen, bedroom and when your having a relaxing drink with a loved one enjoying the Sunset

About us

Wonderful kitchen and functions combined together

This kitchen inspires you to cook and entertain. Open-plan with entertainment options and facilities that lend themselves to an enjoyable cooking experience.

Enjoy an Immersive Cinema experience 
in the comfort of your home

A home cinema is one of those luxuries that film lovers dream about. Sound is the most important element in our home theatre. We invested in a quality surround sound system comprising of a number of small speakers installed in strategic positions with a subwoofer for boosting the sound. We installed a hidden projector and an automated screen that disappears into the ceiling. With a quality home cinema sound system installed, it won’t matter that you don’t have the built-in speakers of a TV in your new, pop-up cinema room.

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