Floating Room Technology explained

  • Resilient Channel – A metal channel installed perpendicular to the wall framing that decouples sound waves that reduces noise by up to 5 – 7 points
  • Clips – Isolation mounts that install in rows directly to the wall framing that reduces noise by up to 11 points
  • Sheet of drywall, also called sheet rock or gypsum board. Each sheet of 12mm drywall improves STC by 2 Points
  • MTD Tape adheres to the wall framing and reduces noise transmission through wall assemblies by up to 7 points

Acoustic hangers are elastic elements used mostly for ceiling suspension in order to achieve vibration and noise insulation. There is a wide range of acoustic hangers, that can be used not only for V ceiling suspension but also for machinery vibration isolation like air conditions units ventilators, pipe suspension etc.

The elastic suspension of different elements in ceilings avoid the propagation of vibration and structural born noise from one floor to the other.

Using Self Adhesive Foam Tape in wall assemblies increases the STC rating and reduces disturbing noise for building occupants. It is used in conjunction with resilient channel and isolation clips in this property.

This tape, that has been applied along steel studs in all wall and floor assemblies, limits sound from passing through the wall and floor, resulting in quieter, more comfortable interior space with increased privacy.

Self Adhesive Foam Tape provides excellent sound transmission isolation at mid-level to high frequencies without thermal bridging.

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