New Club Membership applications.

As our Club continues to grow and we meet lovely new people at every Event, we have streamlined the enrolment process to allow us as the Club Organisers and prospective members alike, a fair chance to evaluate before membership is confirmed.


  • New members approaching this club will now enrol as Trial Members on-line and have a 20 day period to evaluate the club, it’s facilities and activities to decide if being a member here will be a good fit.
  • By the same token, it allows the organisers to evaluate the prospective members.
  • During this 20 day period, the Trial Member will attend at least one event to participate and meet with the organisers. If the Trial Member decides to join the Club, he/she can complete an application for membership on-line for consideration.
  • At the end of the 20 day period, Trial Membership will automatically expire.

If  person/s are invited by the club organisers, the conditions of their becoming part of the club is at the discretion of the club organisers.

Full members can bring a guest to any event as long as the guest is included in the Members RSVP. A guest can attend only 1 event to evaluate the club and must apply to join the club before being eligible to attend another event. A member may not invite the same guest more than once without an application from the new guest. Should a guest join the club, the introducing member is invited to have a drink on the house as a show of gratitude.

Family memberships are also available now. A family household consisting of Parent/s and Children will require membership of Parent/s only and Children will be included as part of their membership. Minimum age is 12 as we do not cater for smaller children as there is no entertainment for them here. Children’s film sessions may be arranged allowing for younger children. Family events that can include younger children may be arranged.