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Where dreams will come true, and ideas will be shared! The idea of this page is to share stories, share information helping you plan your dreams, for you to discover what’s beyond the end of your street. Whether it’s a tried and true destination like London or New York, or a un-discovered location in the midst of the Amazon, we’re here to share it all.

Our members may not all be Travel Specialists but they know their destinations inside out having travelled extensively within them.


About our Club

Discovered Club is not a travel agency. This is a community built on the love of travel shared by like minded individuals who have a passion to enjoy unique and special adventures that push the boundaries of joy.

We are Motorhomers, Campers, Mountaineers, Luxury Hotel guests and Hikers but we all have one thing in common, TRAVEL!! The more we share, the more we learn.

Our objective is to create a hub where you can share your special destinations and where you can find your next…

Happy travels.

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Travel USA

On a quest for the best flavors in the Southeast While Texas, the Carolinas and Tennessee may all claim to have the nation’s best barbecue, it’s hard to beat the smoky flavors and mouth-watering meats served in tasty spots in Missouri and Kentucky. You’ll likely have your first taste of mutton (sheep meat), and, if …

Visit South Africa

South Africa offers visitors some of the best game reserves & lodges in South Africa. Explore a great variety and book online at the best prices. From 5-star luxury to rustic wilderness experiences; from Big 5 reserves to coastal reserves; the game reserves & lodges of South Africa cater for all budgets and tastes. Game Reserves by …